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2021-01-22 06:43:03 (UTC)

Pain!!! 😱

Oh man! Yesterday's workout was brutal. We did EMOMs yesterday. Every minute on the minute. This means you do a specific workout for 45 seconds with 15 sec rest. Do that for 6 minutes straight. Usually, they tell us how many times to do a certain thing. For example, 20 drop squats and whatever time you have left, you can use it for rest time. Well, this time coach said to count how many we can do in 45 sec. Then we have to keep that same count for the other 5 min.

First thing was drop squats. I did 33. Curly haired lady was in the same session and she as usual grabs a spot besides me. She wore regular shorts this time so I wasn't.... unfocused. So anyway, we both did good for the first few min. Then when it came to the 4th min, we were struggling. I barely could do my 33 on the 4th. Only had 5 seconds to rest instead of the usual 15 because I was slowing down. Curtly haired cutie had to pause a few times. That was rare for her. She is a badass but by the 5th and 6th min, we were hurting. The burn in our quads were brutal. The New Years Newbies actually stopped. I could see from the side of my eyes that this one hit people hard.

Then we did the same EMOM with burpees modified using bosu balls. Ugh... Again, I was ok for the first 3 min. Then after? I was burning in places I didn't know could burn. After I hop up from my burpee, we still have the bosu ball in hand. We pop up and then we have to lift the bosu ball above our head. It's light so no problem. Well, after the 3rd min, it was a problem. My shoulders were burning from it because the day before, we did skull crushers so I was still hurting from that workout. Curly haired cutie was beating me on that one. I can't believe how fricking awesome she is. She's only second to my Superstar friend as far as being fit.

Then we did our core. I thought I had a strong core but I think after my surgery and with covid restrictions, it hasn't been the same. We were just doing leg lifts with us touching our toes as we lift. This time, after the 2nd min, I was already down to 1/2 throttle. The burn was the worse I felt in a long time. That means that my core is outta shape for sure. Oh how we digress :(

Anyway, didn't do much as a whole. Just work and gym. America did not implode....yet. haha. No drama.