Alan T. Fitch

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2021-01-22 11:48:25 (UTC)

Oh my Lord, such a boring day!

Hello, and good afternoon.

My God, am I bored. I just had a Zoom meeting with Mrs. Hoy. The browser Zoom website failed to work on me. First, the microphone wouldn't work, then the whole voice of everyone else went off. I was getting really annoyed. Mr. Crane let me borrow his phone for the Zoom meeting, after he put the details in to join. They could hear me then, until Mr. Maxwell came in with parents and a student that is joining in September, and my God... Couldn't they see that I was on a Zoom meeting? They were talking quite loud, the student was getting loud and excited, that Sophie asked me to mute myself so she could hear the teacher! I did so, and she said exactly on the chat message 'Thankyou :)'. A few minutes later Mr. Crane used the drill on a piece of wood, which was another reason I couldn't hear the teacher. But I did let him, as I was muted. But I was going against my will. Wayne then needed to go toilet, so I had to bring Zoom meeting on the phone with me to there. The Mr. Crane went back to the drill. Oh... I was losing my sanity, the lesson was getting boring (at least I know next lesson will be an hour), and just... Oh, nevermind! It is not that bad. I mean, my Dad is a mechanical engineer, and he keeps having lack of sleep from the amount of work he has to do. He is probably more stressed out than I was just now. Thankfully, it has all ended now.

I need to get back to my free writing, as one of my tasks from the National Oak Academy on a video I am watching as work from the school website. My entry ends here.

P.S. I am doing cooking in a minute actually. Baguette pizzas.