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2021-01-22 02:50:31 (UTC)

Takeaways from the Inauguration

Race is a very unfortunate matter.
It has a way of blossoming out of control and (singeing/tainting/affecting) every aspect of your life.
I simply want to share unsolicited that I am even more proud of the current display than I was
when Obama was elected. I am proud because we are NOT ALL dealing with the mental and psycological deadlock that it takes
to accept----someone black could POSSIBLY be A leader. To do one thing right. One time. To benefit from the fruits
of a sound savory reasonable expected ordered planned privileged convenient decision in which most of us are
only being asked the bare minimum of decorum and involvement so that time can MARCH ON!

Since 1991 I have survived some unimaginable conditions in my personal life. As a female that never got past the "Birther" movement, people will back you into a corner and try to force you into some unimaginable things. I just hope that the renewal of spirit that I perceive will extend to my love ones and those SO SO close to me. This nation is in triage. Imagine me talking to you slow asking you simple questions in a world where there is consequences. MY NAME IS ANNIE. It is Jan 2021. Again. IMAGINE ME......TALKING TO YOUUUUUU REALLLAAAALLL
SLOW ASKING YOU SIMPLE QUESTIONS IN A WORLD WHERE THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES. Imagine me talking to you slow asking you simple questions in a world where there are consequences.

I saw that Nia Sioux has an album out on youtube. I want to thank her family for being positive inspirations in the Pittsburgh community. And to all the little girls that I could give no better advice than MOVE YOUR BODY, I hope all the boxing and rapping and acting and dancing and working are going well for you. Some Mommies are mean #4am #LifeMadders

I lift confinement in a prose palace
I'd be a different girl today if you conserved malice
i heard you say snatch-- and know im behind the times
i felt stupid when Kanye could not graduate makin rhymes
whats the difference between 20 and 22

living in the moment ,and worryin bout you
real as it could feel
it was ligaments and tendons and Herwards and Graysons
and Randalls and Hensons
If I had a necklace
to hang every pendant
my chains would
raise the roof and itd bee too high to end it. (FAIL/FEO)
watch this dance, you too wack to judge me thats why it took the violation of #MYHUMANRIGHTS to thug me
(sILENCE) and family
I think of you everyday
INFINITY this was MY DAY--not some broke back virginity

So I don"t sit on no whole bunch of lines
multiplied that you violate...plait my behind.

Im too pro black,

so you can drop the hem
on how you got to say it fast or hash # BLM-- you can stand in your
kitchen tell your children to listen
if one more piggie touch your cover that mutha will be missin
Or how the fuck you at that nice school
tomayto tomahto
Standin at the salad bar they callin you avocado-- well I make guacamole so im good with guap
How dey conversation flip to you will get shot?
You are too unserious and IN truth im not
All that mixin is a death and Im off the pot
Lemme see you with no acronyms in the frame
you mean messy rude and too boring and too lame
and got body odor arm & hammer didnt wanna claim now you trying to chat me
up like lookin up to tru FAME.
Broad you are delusional
the good ones choose the usual ( GOOD ONES CHOOSE USUAL)
and im not apoligizin when I had to live the Crucible
did you see that little mocking jay
they should have called her lady gae
Cuz talkin over people ONLY trying goes a certain way
so this what im standin in

I do hanger maintenence, listen to College Park, AND LIVE WITH THE HATE SHIT
I chase the spirit of the Lord and it just breaks my heart
when we identify /////////this aint NO misunderstanding
your sneaky ass is bitch because you need to stick THE landing
you Playin in the toilet playing in the trash
I shop at Giant eagle trust me, safely do the math
Im into self care and race matters
and adult people who control themselves without face spatter.

The shit you fucked up was always broke in me
I needed T-E-A you gave me T-A-E
I deal with family and fairness and format enlist
And til the Lord take me away I proceed to exist.

PH. I apologize to GHB and Rufies. Yall aint do that
theives and clowns did. 20/21 enough for ya?