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2021-01-21 17:56:53 (UTC)

Hello again

Hello again,

Mum and Mark ordered fish and chips. Dammit! Maybe if I waited a little longer, I would've got some. Beans on toast... Dammit! I got some leftovers yesterday when they had fish and chips, but I can't guarantee I will get leftovers this time! Oh well, nevermind.

I feel depressed right now,. I watched a YouTube video, and it looked really amazing! It was a furry meme. But after I watched it, I started to think 'What can I do that is great?', and I can't think of anything right now. I probably will later, when I am happier.
I could cry right now, that is how I feel. I think I am just bored, and got nothing to do. Maybe if I found something to do - which doesn't include anything cool - I might feel better. But honestly, I feel like I am being destroyed by my own thoughts!

Now let me try to think of something to do - maybe nap - before these inside tears become outside tears!