Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-21 16:56:25 (UTC)

Good evening.

Okay. Good evening.

Mark asked me if I had been in his room, because stuff had been moved around. I said 'no', because I didn't.

I am having beans on toast for dinner. Or at least I am told that is what I am having.

Metal Gear Solid hasn't turned up yet. Not today, but maybe tomorrow it will.

All I have really been doing is playing Medal Of Honor: Heroes on my PSP.

Just now Mum put the washing in the tumble dryer, and said that she can smell white spirit, or turps. She asked me if I put anything in the wash; the only thing I put in the wash was a towel that Mark used to ckean the kitchen floor, and he asked me to. I don't know what turps smells like, so I don't know.

There is literally nothing else to talk about, so I will leave it here.

P.S. I am so bored!