If I die today
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2021-01-21 07:09:20 (UTC)

who's responisble

Been watching living on a dime this morning older videos but much more productive use of time than catchin up on the news.. So there was a stern point made its is not the goverments responbility to provide for you and your family you are responible for providing your household. Your home is your responiblility. And it dawns on me again that its a crock a crap all the promises of the goverment bc at the end of the day you personality are not a fart in the wind to anybody in the white house much less your family. While our treasures are in heaven considering reedeming the time on earth perhaps maybe intending to share my prepardness supply with others is a better attudide about providing it can add something to my life besides me and well Ndea I think he's a parta my life now IDK how long but for today for right now he's someone I want to consider in life and things I do I wouldnt want to negativly impact this man. Seriously thou if I did today my stockpile for myslef wouldn't go to waste bc I'm sure whoever or whatever cleaned out my apartment legally or illegally would see oppruinty here specially in a world where there seems to be no shortage of need or maybe just beggers. Althou It wouldnt be much left behind some single person within my size and metabolic range could last about 3 weeks.. Maybe its something to offer but perhaps while the gettin is good I can be a little more active with my storage and intintal that the foods I buy to store are practical and nourshing. Being stern in my budget of how much I am willing to spend to stock up will also greatly helpe me to live and yeah know if I'm doing more okay less dependant on others that burden is lifted and seeing the provisions I have set and me being well perfectly provided for within HIS will may turn heads a little bit more to who is our provider. While much of my thoughts are about this stockpiling video today if I would want people to know God has faithfuly protected and provided for me while he has used people things and even systems sometimes it isn't just fate. He can and will use whatever he wants but we are called to be a good steward. I can provide for myself and much as I want in the flesh and beg for handouts take what I want I could even steal if I wanted and would it be useful for my need sure maybe but would it bear fruit to the soul and enterity? It takes something IDK what but it takes a lot to behave in a way believeing that GOD has set a perfect provision for you and he may call you to work for it or He may ask someone else to step out and faith and be genourous I dont know. BUt I feel like if my treasures were truly in heaven my cabinets would look a little bit diffrent and I would say my biggest mistake is I am not being intentional and I've been foolish fear lead heck even pride lead to try to supply for myself and all this work and worry and all I have. Here I am still to complain and have my heart sink bc I dont have or might not have this particualr exact thing. As if I am forced to suffer right now. I could be doing things with more of a purpose than just having a pile of stuff for me to live a cushy life if it all goes down. Theres so much more I could be investing my enegery and thoughts and money in a little bit of a better way

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