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2021-01-21 13:01:57 (UTC)

Good afternoon (now)

Hello once again, and now, good afternoon!

I brought up the courage to wake Mum up, and she woke up Mark and he found the email. He asked Mum (without any hearing aids in) if I missed the meeting, and I went up to his ear and told him that it was a one-to-one. He heard me, and understood.

I went in a little too early - - again! Liam was just finishing his time off, with me on there. It took about two minutes, then it was my turn. Ms. Hannon went off - - after mentioning I sort of did my hair to a Oasis style (as she said), and Mrs. Turner came on. And I did my reading with Ms. Sims. At the end, both teachers said that they were well impressed with my reading. I personally didn't feel that I did as well as other times, or last time.

Nothing really more has happened today. One more thing though: I wrote in my first entry today that I came home yesterday, and felt almost immediately depressed. I was told not to buy anymore discs until I get some storage units for them. I wasn't depressed for that reason, I was depressed because I was home. I don't like home, at least when I arrive back home from school. I prefer school. I love school.

Now I might play Medal Of Honor: Heroes on my PSP. My entry ends here.