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2021-01-21 07:53:56 (UTC)

Good morning!

Good morning.

At school yesterday I did Maths, English, History and R.E.. There were two parts to my maths, so it took a little longer this time. I was doing algebra. I love algebra, and it is one of my favourite topics.

I got home and felt almost immediately depressed. My Lee Evans boxset came that day. I was then told not to buy anything else until I had some storage for all of them. The only reason I haven't got storage is because Dad said he would build me a unit for my arcade system (he built for me for my fifteenth birthday) with some shelving in it. Now I have to buy some sort of storage unit. And shelving I really don't want. I don't like the idea of wall shelving. What if it collapses with everything on it?

I am now going to try and draw a skulldog. Wish me luck because I am terrible at art!

My entry ends here.