Being Sam
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2021-01-20 21:49:33 (UTC)


Had a minor panic attack earlier because I dropped a carton of blueberries on the floor and the dog got one. I legit had my fingers shoved in her tiny sausage dog mouth trying to get it but I couldn't and she swallowed it and I was honestly going to call a vet because she was GOING TO DIE. I really am the worst dog owner.
Some tiny voice in my head whispered to just Google it, maybe just eating one would be ok? Maybe there was a way to make her throw it up? So I googled and apparently dogs can eat upto 10 blueberries a day.

Fucking hell, that instant relief was a rush. Turns out I'd confused grapes with blueberries. It was a scary 10 minutes.

I'm meant to be packing up the spare room tonight but instead I looked through old pictures, watched abit of White Collar and painted my nails. I did my tan this morning and I was right - Dean did like the white bra set ;) and I do feel so much healthier with a tan.

Tomorrow is the day our solicitor should get the local search back. It's literally the only thing holding up the sale and if its all OK, I'll move house in 9 days! Ahhhhhh :):):)

Side note, I'm bored so I'm writing more lately but because nothing happens in lockdown, it's all boring. Apologies, future self, I needed the outlet.
Another side note, my weather app has had 100% chance of rain for a solid 2 days now and it's not wrong. It has not stopped. I can live with the 6 degrees but ffs, can it just have stopped pouring by tomorrow morning so I don't get soaked on my run?

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