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me and my life
2021-01-20 19:50:24 (UTC)

And he lost in thin air

Yes, he left and he left like he disappeared in a thin air. He isn't here anywhere away from my site. I see his mirage, I hear him sometime and I sense his presence in everything I do but, he isn't there. He lost as if he is dead, he cut me down as if he feared what if I return to him, he disappeared in a thin air as if he was just my imagination.
And I kept crying, kept waiting, kept hoping till now even when it's of no use. He cared once upon a time but that care became I don't care in a snap. It took very less time for him to cut on me and on us. But am still in his memories, I miss him every night before j sleep the flahbacks are still fresh, I miss him when I wakeup reminiscing our breakfast and morning messages, I miss him in all happy and sad moments. Our life has changed so much, many things happened and I want to tell him all and j want to hear him all but not actually because we will never meet again. This sadness is hovering me. I am still lonely without him also I hate him, but I love and cherish our moments.....
And he lost and disappeared in a thin air.... As if he was a mirage