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me and my life
2021-01-20 14:41:28 (UTC)

Life and dismal, dismay

Omo all my posts are so negative. So is my life. Not a single good friend, best friend tho dur ki baat hai who will understand me, whose vibe will match mine and who will there for me to help emotional at least... Phewwww
After all my sister's marriage not fights butbissues is very disturbing because she already had a history and I just want her happy married normal life. I donno why guys are such a jerk. Am also worried for Naisha. And am nervous for self. All my friends have good husbands what if I don't get one. What if I get a jerk uffff. God why are you so hard on us whyyyyyy.... Why can't our life be simple and normal like others. Or others have same life but they deal with it errrggggg donno.
Life has many dismal and dimay. I want a normal life job, financial stability, good friends, healthy relationship, happy parents so simpleeeeee goddddd are you listening....