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2021-01-19 22:00:00 (UTC)

Meet The Cast Of The Last Summer

Drama/ Romance
8:00pm 7:00pm
July 11, 2022 thru May 19, 2023
Hashtag Episode: #TheLastSummer
Main Cast:
Princess Reyes Herrera's:
Marga Redona: Alexa Reyes Herrera: The first Princess of the Reyes Herrera Family
Valerie Reyer: Paola Reyes Herrera: The second princess of the Reyes Herrera Family
Fernanda Rubi: Cassandra Rose Reyes Herrera: The Third Princess of the Reyes Herrera Family
Princess Alejandra: Mariana Reyes Herrera: The fourth Princess of the Reyes Herrera Family
Andrea Lugo: Brenda Reyes Herrera: The fifth Princess of the Reyes Herrera Family
Jennifer Anaya: Karla Reyes Herrera: The sixth Princess of the Reyes Herrera Family.
Kristin Davis: Kate Reyes Herrera: Mother of the six Princesses
Katrina Law: Sonia Reyes Herrera: Second Mother of the six Princesses
Meaghan Rath: Madam Irene Reyes Herrera
Kimee Balmilero: Madam Alondra Reyes Herrera
Ian Anthony Dale as Ignacio "Nacho" Reyes Herrera: Father of the Six Princesses
Season 2:
Danielle Gutierrez as Bianca Reyes Herrera: She joins with the six princesses, and she has her awkward boyfriend
Love Interest of the Six Princesses:
Rolando Redona: Brandon: Alexa's Boyfriend
Jorge Murguia as Caleb: Karla's Boyfriend
Jorge Torres as Eric: Paola's Boyfriend
Andre Z as Fernando: Cassandra's Boyfriend
Salvador S as Enrique: Mariana's Boyfriend
Sammy V as Luigi: Brenda's Boyfriend
Supporting Cast:
Brisa D as Tricia: Friends of the six princesses
Vanessa C as Amanda: Friends of the six princesses
Frida Cano as Andrea: Friends of the six princesses
Cassandra Rose Classmates: (Gym Class 2 and Spanish Class)
Tiffany N as Ashley: She decides to take a lead of Cassie
Cassandra Luna as Vanessa:
Farah Aleman as Cassie:
Brisa De Leon as Naomi:
Esteban Gallardo as Jordan: Cassandra Rose's Lab Partner:
Luigi E as Franco: He really hates Cassandra Rose's Relationship - Jorge's Friend
Diego F as Jorge: He really hates Cassandra Rose's Relationship - Franco's Friend
Perla Angulo as Andrea: She loves Cassie's outfit.
Ashley Casillas as Madison: Cassandra's Best Friend
Kimberlin C as Manuela:
Yessenia E as Pamela:
Geovanna G as Viridiana:
Karla Classmates: (Gym Class and Biology Class):
Diana M as Emily:
Paola Classmates: (Gym Class 4 and World Geography Class):
Kassie A as Justine:
Mariana Classmates: (Gym Class 5 and English Class):
Nani Marie A as Rosie:
Alexa Fernanda M as Almira:
Roman Silva as Jose: Lab Partner of Mariana
Shelby C as Lizbeth:
Karina Ramirez as Ashley: Mariana's Best Friend
Kathia Banda as Alyssa: Mariana's Best Friend
Alexa Classmates: (Gym Class and World Geography Class):
Emilia Rodriguez as Josephine: She has the same class as Alexa.
Christian Acosta As Diego: He is officially ex girlfriend of Alexa.
Isaura G as Heather: Alexa's Best Friend
Roury F as Angelo: He loves putting some photography from the other classes.
Brenda Classmates: (Gym Class and English Class):
Daniela O as Bianca:
Diana S as Meredith:
Nina Fernandez as Alexis:
Mikaela Martinez as Flora: Brenda's Best Friend
Thania T as Michelle:
Josue R as Enrique: Brenda's New Boyfriend and Best Friend
Cassandra Rose Cheerleader Teammates in School:
Seleste G as Amanda
Ashley Romero as Alejandra
Andrea Guerrero as Stephanie
Alejandra Marin as Mariana
Mariana Nightclub Friends In School:
Vanessa Lopez N as Clarisse
Sarai Maravilla as Cherry
Kenny Medina as Antonio: Mariana's new Nightclub Boyfriend
Vanessa M as Victoria
Iana Romo as Cassie Daniella:
Alexa PartyGoers In School:
Andrea M as Ximena
Eduardo M as Santiago: Alexa's New ex boyfriend
Valeria O as Andrea:
Bianca Classmates: (Gym Class and Science Class)
Gil Rodriguez as Marcos: Bianca's New Boyfriend
America N as Ciara:
Yassi O as Nicole: Bianca's Best Friend
Valerie Reyes G as Evelyn: Mean Girl: She has her sister named Carmen.
Evelyn B as Carmen: Mean Girl: She has her sister named Evelyn.
Special Participation:
Brooklyn Prince as Young Alexa/Karla/Mariana/Paola/Brenda/ Cassandra Rose
Aiden Malik as Young Brandon/Eric/Fernando/Enrique/Caleb and Luigi

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