My thoughts through living.
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2021-01-19 20:38:59 (UTC)


assumptions are annoying. they make all achievements mean nothing and are never consistently used. baseless assumption are the real misery of the world. a good way to tell an assumption is baseless is look for personal ties. that of course doesn't disprove an assumption, it just gives reason to question it. if the assumption cannot be used in all cases it alludes too, the assumption is baseless. saying everyone who's black has a big cock is a baseless assumption, but assumed true, all black men have big cocks. something like that. A boring discutient, but that's because it shouldn't have to be discussed. its an assumed truth. this truth is assumed because otherwise, we cannot have discutients. Having a discutient with someone about this that takes it personally that I don't blindly agree with them, so says "Are you alright" "Or are you just stupid". to them act as though it was a joke. Kinda annoying. brining this up is 'making a problem', although its already a problem.

point is, people are annoying.