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2021-01-19 10:05:56 (UTC)

Fun silly dreams πŸ‘…

I had several dreams last night. Funny how dreams put you in different age groups. This one I believe must've been in my mid 20s maybe because it seemed I was flying a lot more than normal. I know I didn't fly much as a teen so it must've been in the mid 20s but of course, checking my ID in my dream doesn't pop up. Hehe. I was in a baseball park or something like that. I recall a crowd of people and my friends were sitting on the bottom part of those wooden bleachers. We walked from somewhere and sat down for a bit but during that walk, there was some fun chemistry going on with this lady and I. We didn't act like animals and it was sort of fun playful teasing between the two of us even though my friends were there. I recall it being a nice sunny day too. I don't recall watching whatever game was going on in the field.

Anyway, I recall I couldn't take the playful eye-to-eye contact and fun chats I was having with this lady and decided to just put my hands to the side of her face and give her a kiss. An innocent one. No tongue and it lasted just maybe 3 seconds. I recall the lady being shocked but didn't get upset. I pulled back and started to laugh a little bit because I knew she was a little bewildered and I think I started to walk away because I had a flight to catch.

Not much of a dream but I liked it when I woke up. It's my way of telling myself that if and when that time came, I'm still alive and willing to take a chance out there. Then it also hit me of how I begot this dream. It was all because of the stupid stuff we were talking about last Sunday at the vineyards with my friends. Heidi of all people were talking about this to the other ladies. Then since I'm the only guy there, she asked me if I would french kiss on the first date. haha. That's the kind of stupid but funny stuff we discuss on lazy Sundays at the vineyards I guess. Anyway, I responded saying "No, I'd never do that but if she initiated it, then I would oblige back" Haha. Not sure if that's gentlemanly or just being a dog and taking what I can get but that's what I said. Not gonna go too far and do that on a first date. Anyway, I bring that up because my dream I'm sure was concocted by that stupid discussion we had. I kissed that lady in my dream and no tongue was involved.

So now I know if this dream I had even comes to fruition in real life, I will already have the kissing part worked out (minus the tongue). hehe. In other news, today should be a so-so day. Drama free. Just work and then the gym. My router for my new Comcast connection should be coming in today. I look around the house and it ain't all that bad as far as having to clean stuff. I cleaned last Sunday because I thought the wine caravan was gonna meet at my place but didn't. The only thing I see was apparently, I had some of those chocolate mini bottles that is filled with liquor. I know because I see wrappings on my coffee table along with an empty wine glass. Yeah...I must've been bad last night. 😈