If I die today
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2021-01-19 07:29:09 (UTC)

Gods creation

It weighs heavy on me about how Gods creation is made a mockery. The deciet laid out for the next generation is alarming and sickening to me but really saddening as well my heart aches for those who may not ever hear that they were created male or female by God for a purpose. Its makes me sad bc they are not taught right from wrong so it's gonna be a hard thing to learn with no leaders or teachers. Althou I'm in no postion to make an impact I don't even know what to do with young people and even more regretfuly and offensive is if you put me in a group of teens I will think I am one of them and behave as an equal. Hopefully I"m maturing but crap I've been mistaken about befreinding teens and what that looks like. I'm not around young people anyway but I would like to be some sorta influence on this world so in all the chaios and mess and crisisees of this world what I wish I could share with the next generation is that we are more than just sexual beings and a sexual idenity and if fact God did design us perfect and has a plan for male and female and roles and purposes unique to both and each player is valuabel and loved by Him. Althou its confusing and theres so much information I'd have to say your more than your sexual prefrence. Even if you choose in error You still matter as a human being . The fact is thou men and women belong together. Procration is a gift of God that we are able to reproduce . We should be multiplying by His hand. Theres a great deal of proctertion and blessing inside the family unit that GOD has designed and defined. While things of this world make us think we need the same sex or that its all the same it's really not. The rates of dieases are highly increased in homosexuality the life span is shortened. There are social and emotional problems spefic to that sorta behavior. Our choices all have conquences. It okay to not expiernce the same sex and to say no . I just would like to share that there is another way a right and wrong way and that we are desinged for the opposite sex. Theres so much I feel and worry about and have concern that we're just not being taught but I am not the person to present it right now. While you are no less of a person bc of your choice and just being hetrosexual in itself isn't the ticket to heaven it's a big fall in society that we have re idenfied who and what we are as Gods creation and think that it should just be blessed. There are protections inside Gods will and we've fallen and we;re pershing in a lust for each other anyone anything goes and perversness is just accepted and guilt or shame is labeled as a disorder bc we are taght we should be proud. Its just really sad and well I doubt this entry leaves an influence but something may have value there is a right and wrong and Gods creation is being made a mockery of its a shame but also sad I worry that young people will never hear that homosexual behavior is in fact wrong. Althou its no more wrong than fornication or lust its something has conquences on us and society.

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