Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-19 09:16:19 (UTC)

Tidying my room yesterday, and todays entry

For great sake. While doing my room yesterday straight after school, I was using my portable Neo Board to write down what I was going to say today. I was so tired at the end I glad I did. Then, today, like I had an instinct that would happen, the Neo Board tells me it needs to wipe everything and reset to work, as it thinks the lithium battery has been replaced. Great, now I will have to start typing by scratch. Luckily, I remember a lot.

Good morning, anyway.

I got in, and was almost immediately told that I had to do my room. I went up and started to do it. But before I did that, I saw my parents' room was open, and the cupboard was too. I went in to have a look, and when I went into the cupboard, guess what I saw down deep down in an old box: Two things actually. One was a Nintendo 64, along with a controller, and the other was a Sega Dreamcast! A Sega Dreamcast! No controller, or games, just the console. I asked for one of them for Christmas before asking for a PlayStation One. I was shocked to see we had one in the house. I really wanted to take it, but I knew I couldn't keep it hidden anywhere. So I put everything back and went to do my room.

Mum asked me to go round to the shops for her, for some bread and milk, vinegar, and a bar of caramel chocolate for her. She gave me her debit card, and off I went. I went to two shops near me: Premier, and NisaExtra. I went to premier to get Mum's chocolate, and the vinegar. I should never had done this but I managed to get myself a 50p chocolate bar. See, this is how stupid I am sometimes.
I went to NisaExtra for the bread and milk. I don't remember the total price (Premier was £1.69 or something around there).
I got home and carried on with my room. I had already eaten the chocolate bar, as I ate it before going into NisaExtra. Only took me about three minutes.

Dad phoned at exactly 16:54. It was just like the other days I speak to him (which would be everyday, but used to be only weekdays). I know the time because while speaking to him, I took the phone off of my ear and saw the time: 16:54. #
When I finished speaking to him, Mum told me to stay downstairs, because she ordered fish and chips. I had a saveloy and chips.
After we ate I washed up, dried up and put away. I also did the pets' food. Then, after that, I went back to doing my room - - Again!

I was after dinner that two parcels arrived for me today, earlier on. I had an instinct that a parcel would arrive today. I also had an instinct that mum would tell me that I cannot have them until my room is done.

I finished my room around 18 'o' clock. Mum then told me to have a bath, after she came in to have a look. She was impressed with it.
After I had my bath around 20:00, as mum spent about an hour in the toilet. I won't say why, but you could probably guess. After I had my bath, I almost immediately asked for my parcels. Mark handed them over to me. One was my Medal Of Honor: Underground PS1 game, and the other was my 10-pack of mints in a tube. They weren't spearmints, nor peppermint; they were just normal mints. I was happy with that Also, I didn't play my new PS1 game yesterday, as they was not enough electricity. And besides, no memory card has turned up yet.

I went to bed around 21:20. I woke up today to my alarm, at 7:20. Mum alarm went off by accident at 7:30. She asked me to come in and turn it off. After doing that, I quickly took my meds. I went downstairs and had my breakfast. And loaded up this laptop. Although I haven't really done anything on it until now.
By the way, I was supposed to have a Zoom meeting today, but I realised I got rid of the code by mistake while tidying my room yesterday. I sent my teacher an email stating that I lost the Zoom link once again, but she never replied back. Either she hasn't replied at all yet, or she sent another email to Mark's email. I did specifically say that perhaps she could reply to my email, and I won't lose the Zoom meeting Link again. Well, I have missed it now. Oh well, she should know that I am up.

And that brings me to the present minute, or hour. My entry ends here.