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2021-01-18 23:09:14 (UTC)

Easy workout today🏋🏻‍♀️

Man, today was Muscle Monday at the gym. I was just cruising through class. Thought maybe I'm a badass and breezed through it because I'm in shape. Nope! Today was the first day of a 6 week newbie class. So that's why it was easy today. Don't want to kill the newbies on day one. So I wasn't a badass. It was just because we made it simple for the newbies. Doh! Still, it was a fun workout.

Forgot about a convo I had with Heidi yesterday. Her friend from the bay area moved to Citrus Hts. That's just 10 min away from where I live. Her name is Jeter or spelled something like that. It's pronounced Gee-duh anyway. She's a cutie. I've sort of known her for a couple years now. She lived in the Bay area so I didn't even try. Well, looks like Jeter is back on the table baby. haha. She doesn't go to the gym so..... it's open season on her. haha. Probably bit off more than I can chew but that's me. Gotta play to play. I'll see how it turns out as the year goes on. It should be fun to try at least.

Oh yeah. Another discussion we had yesterday while wine tasting. haha. Seems we are very good at deep thinking while wine tasting at the vineyards. I used the word pussy-fied. Made up word about a man that will do the bidding of a woman and gives up his man card. Stupid silly crap we say when we're out having wine at the vineyards 1/2 drunk. I think I labeled Heidi's bf with this. He supposedly don't want to play with Heidi in the bedroom but he helps with doing dishes and stuff. Haha. So I decided to make fun of it and made up a word for him. "Pussyfied" Haha. Sorry, I know at this day and age, that's not socially acceptable but pffft!! My diary, my rules.

That was pretty much my day. I did have time to do one little mod on my truck. That's a hood deflector. Took a total of 15 min maybe to install? Looks ok I guess. Not sure about this one. I'll see how I feel after having it on for a week or two.