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me and my life
2021-01-19 04:27:45 (UTC)

Day dreaming

I am a queen of day dreaming. I dream of not only my ex but all that things I mean basic things which I want in my life. And that feeling itself makes me so fucking happy. I look at my old pics when I was working, independent and shopping whatever I wanted and I adore that life of me, I am totally proud of my old self but, today am complete opposite. I am dependent, jobless and confidence less. I want to buy so many things but I have no money. I have few thousands left in my account which will vanish soon. I hope I'll get job soon. So that I can do everything I dreamtbof for self and mom. I want to take mom for vacation. I hope she feels completely fine. Life is so rude and mean. Itbgave me what I wanted my mom to be free but it also took something out of me that would have made my mom happy that's job money. Ufff but I know time will change. And I'll get what I wanted for mom and self.

Day dreaming is sooooo fucking good. Living in vanity is so good.