0 wedonttalk: Can I rock a pearl necklace?


Being Sam
2021-01-18 21:26:33 (UTC)

Can I rock a pearl necklace?

And no, this is not a dirty question! I'm legit asking how old you need to be to get away with wearing a pearl necklace.
I've always wanted one and I don't know why and I know its an old lady look or a rich girl in an American teen movie look. But I like them and I'm 30 soon and everyone in my family keeps asking if I want something meaningful or a keepsake and honestly, I just want some books, some comfy socks and some spiced rum. I'm pretty damn easy!

But yeah my sister really wants to get me something I will always remember was for my 30th, which is super sweet but now I'm looking for earrings when I know I'll continue to only wear my pearls and then I thought, can I rock a pearl necklace at 30?
Logically I know I'm a grown woman who can wear whatever the fuck she wants, but honestly I don't want to be walking around looking like a wally!

On another note, I packed up about two thirds of my books into suitcases and looking at the empty shelves is super depressing and I'm already worried my books will get ruined.

Am I mentally 80 years old?