Living With a narcissist
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2021-01-18 20:00:07 (UTC)

The Car & The Narssist

Mood: I dont even know
SO backstory I drove an old raggedy but reliable car when I got with the narcissist but it got me from point a to point b thats all that matters right well it started messing up he started working on it i realized he didnt know what he was doing but pretended he did he let all his "mechanic" buddies mess it up cut the tail pipe off ( meth heads) and I allowed it because I thought they were actually fixing it because every little bit they done it worked better for awhile then something worse happened it was still drivable and the only car I had so I had to make due well the first stimulus check came around and we both got the 1,200 so we decided we needed a new a car so we went in together and bought a car together horrible decision so I decided to give the old car to my brother in law so him and y little nephew could have something to waste time on and i had originally bought the car from him so it was family car never owned by anyone else except the carlot where it was bought new well he kept on and on and was like no sell me the car sell me the car until I finally gave gave in he told me that he would give the new car to me for the old one i told him i said you know its old and raggedy and has all these problems he said he didnt care he still wanted it so we traded I have the paper he signed well two to three months later he is racing in the car and the motor slings a rod so he sold the car as junk and now he has no car well lets talk about today.... so here we are today I work one job 12:00pm til 7:00pm I got to another job @ 7:00pm til I finish normally aorund 10pm or 11pm then I go home and do It all again all he works is the night job with me he is mad because I wont wake up at 7am take him 30mins away 30mins back then 30mins to my job then 30mins back to get him before going to my other job because his grandpa who hasnt spoke to him since we been together has a job he needs him to work for 2-weeks he has worked with his family many times before lie his dad and his brother and they all get him to ork then cheat him out of money for one so basically he uses my money for the to cheat him so im really getting cheating well when my sister lived with us she worked down the road 15min max 20 mins and the whole time he complained that it was wear and tear on the car i mean to the point where he made me miserable about taking her to work so i told him no that was to much wear and tear on the car so he threw a fit while im at work trying to ork im having to argue with him well finally i tell he needs to choose either he choses to work with his grandpa or he chooses our fulltime job at night because I have been struggling with health issues that is affecting my eyesight and my overall well being and he knows this so he throws a fit saying oh its always your family first huh I got mad and I said yeah your right its always gunna be my family then I get mad cause he still throwing a fit then he goes well the car is half mine too I got mad and told him he better leave the car the car at my sisters or i was just gunna call the cops on him and that it wasnt my responsibility to take him back and forth to work he has no license and not on my insurance but throws a fit until i let him drive to the point its let him drive or be late to work so then he proceeds to tell me I need a nerve pill and this and that so I called my sister and told her that Im almost just willing to give him the car sign it over to him and just let him have it move away and start over with nothing I dont even care that I ll be homeless im just starting to think it would be easier I dont have to give him anything because the car is legally mine but im starting to wonder if I just give him the car move out and be homeles would it be better than dealing with this all day he is also pushing me so far that im ltting anger win and becoming agressive and toxic as well I dont wanna live life like this anymore