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2021-01-18 12:14:58 (UTC)

Fun conversations yesterday 😜

Some of yesterday's discussions are starting to trickle back into my head again. Some funny stuff and some that required some thought. One discussion was about why breaking up from a relationship feels like big time poop. I told them about what I discovered about how in the old days it was death if you were cast out of a tribe. We're talking way way back to cave man days or maybe not but during a time when you needed a tribe to survive. I myself had a difficult time believing that concept but that's what the experts are saying. If you were banned from a tribe back then, it would mean death as a loner. That is why we feel the awful pain if we break up with our boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. But I now fully believe in this and with that understanding, it makes it way easier to get over said breakup. You know, you can't seem to shake it off at first and how you wish you wouldn't feel that pain anymore. Not knowing why you are so hurt. However, once you understand what you are going through, then it becomes easier because now you have an explanation of why you feel what you feel. I think I started getting into this kind of reading when the effects of going to the gym started changing my overall emotions, feelings, etc, etc. I became way more chill than pre-gym days.

We expanded on this while we're discussing brain cells. haha. Yup, must've been drinking smarty pants wine or something. Anyway, the classic saying of brain cells don't regenerate as I thought is apparently wrong. Shanti told me about something (forgot what it was) but that the brain cells do regenerate. The catch is that it cannot be just repetitive stuff. Not just reading a new book as that is considered repetitive. Hmm. Ok, so I bring up the fact that Nuns seems to have brilliant wits about them and if it's reading the same bible, how is that theory working for them? Shanti (She's a teacher by the way) said that it's because even though they are reading the same bible, the stories in there has deeper meaning in it so that is what's new and keeps their minds sharp. Again, I think hmmm.. maybe. So it has to be something where the brain has to be exposed to thinking that is not monotonous.

Makes me think about my job. Hopefully what I do counts because we are always having new things at our IT field that we have to learn and do. Always something different and it can be challenging and a bit frustrating at times. But we always seem to complete the project. Shanti says that the chemicals that gets released like serotonin, dopamine, and all the other cool chemicals that get's released also helps build brain cells. Ok, that sounds good to me. It'd be nice to be fully aware as I grow older one day. If anything, let it be a wash for all the wine that I drink! haha πŸ€ͺ

Then Heidi started talking about her boyfriend and how she's having doubts about him being a long term boyfriend. She tells us that they have nothing in common. On long drives going somewhere it's silent in the car and they have nothing to talk about. Even the sex is nonexistent now. I told Heidi to spruce it up a bit but she says even if she was naked, he wouldn't be in the mood or would say he's too tired. My other friend said it's normal for a man his age that sexual urge goes away. I had to protest that comment and said I was older than he is and I get turned on looking at a bra strap accidentally being revealed. hehe. They laugh and just shake their head saying something is wrong with me. πŸ€ͺ

We had way too many deep interesting convos yesterday but I can't recall all of them just yet. Coffee is just yearning to be drank and that's occupying my head right now. I didn't turn on my little room heater nor the whole house heater last night thinking it'd be ok. When I woke up, I stuck my arm out of the blanket and I knew that I was not going to get up just yet. Heck no!! Too cold for me and why would I get up when it's a holiday day off for me? Finally, the strong need for coffee got me up and walking about.

Should be another chill day. No major plans. Just tire shine my tires and wipe the inside of my truck and external rubber/plastic parts with 303 conditioner. It's getting closer to my Comcast install so I'd better order the cable modem/router now. I'm getting... NETGEAR - R7000P-100NAS Nighthawk WiFi Router (R7000P)
My speed I'm subscribing to will be 600Mbps and this router can handle that speed.

That's it for this morning. Need more coffee.