Alan T. Fitch

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2021-01-18 09:14:41 (UTC)

At school; first day of the week

Good morning.

Guess what? I broke my glasses by stepping on them by accident when I woke up! One of the legs have come off. I found the leg on my bed and I just now found the glasses themselves in my coat pocket. Dammit, I almost argued with my mum about it.
Mum also found out my room is a mess, as I was making too much noise trying to find the glasses. I literally threw everything to find them. She thinks I lied to my Dad about keeping my room tidy, but quickly 'pulled off' that it only got messy recently. Hopefully she believed me. Well, I guess I truly am tidying my room tonight, when I get home from school.

I am currently at school. I have Wayne in my class now. I won't say anymore about him, other than he is a couple years younger than me, and we are in the same department of the school (typically, otherwise we'd be breaking the rules of Covid-19.) He is currently on a Zoom meeting, with what sounds like Mrs. Bruty. Mr. Crane is also on a Zoom meeting, with Ms. Stott.

Okay, now I have to work. My entry ends here.