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2021-01-17 23:02:59 (UTC)

Finally back to the vineyards😊

Today was a nice sunny day at the vineyards. Bought way more wine than I needed but the ambiance was there so buy I did. There were five of us. I was the only dude. No complaints coming from me. Heidi looked really cute in her hat. Shanti looked to have lost some weight and looked pretty yummy to me. But we're all just friends so nothing happening there. Well, Shanti did asked me to go fishing a few weeks ago so I don't know what that means. But forgot about all that. We were out on a sunny day, under the sun, wine in hand with all sorts of wine snacks. Hung out at the winery way too much and ended up only going to two of them. We went to Mira Flores and Boeger. Both perfect places to have some wine and view the beautiful scenery.

Missed lunch ( We drank from 11:30-till 5PM with a short break between wineries) but we did have time for dinner and we went to this small town and had what looked like some fine dining meals that you'd find in an upscale restaurant but instead, it was just a little restaurant with a tent out front on the sidewalk just to comply with the rules. Heyday cafe in Placerville CA. Great service, great entrees, and the desserts were even better. I can cook but this steak was one of the best steaks I've had in awhile. The added toppings, sauce, seasoning, etc put it over the top. Fricking awesome. The dessert? Just as awesome! We had a chocolate cake with lemon syrup and other flavors in the cake that was da-bomb!!! Paired it with a latte double shot because I ended up being the designated driver. This was a first where I came home sober from wine tasting. 😜 This wasn't on my New Years resolution for sure :) haha.

I don't know how we were out for so long. Started at 10:30 and got home at around 9PM. Never a quiet speechless moment. We click so well. With these friends, filters are off and no judgement so I let loose what I do and say and it was a blast. We even have some deep discussions about a lot of things. Our kids, romantic relationships, etc, etc. No politics.

I think I got two cases of wine in the back of my truck. Some of it from my friends ordering it through me so they can get member's pricing. Didn't take a lot of pics. Was having too much fun, eating, drinking, chatting.... really nice day 😎 I managed to snap a few though.

Anyway. Everyone is home safe and sound. One of the best Sundays I've had in awhile. Yes, there may be a lot of crap going on in the world but we're not letting it swallow us into misery. I recall someone saying something.... "Worry only exists in your mind. You are the one putting it there and only you have the power to remove it". It's not something you can touch, smell, or see so there you go. A little life tip stolen from someone somewhere that I read. it did help me a bit. Saved you from having to buy the book. hehe. Good night diary.