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2021-01-17 21:31:09 (UTC)

Nothing much to say

Hello, and good night.

I am about yo go to bed, but I wanted to make one more entry today.

I don't actually have much to talk about, to be honest. I didn't do any gaming today. I also forgot to do some reading. Luckily, I know enough about Greg Heffley from The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series. I will just either write about that tomorrow morning, or, if I forget, write one down at school, and say I read a book of that series.

I was supposed to write about my favourite character in an English video lesson from National Oak Acadamy lsdt Friday. Too bad I only read non-fiction. By the way, the video was clearly and typically not for KS4 GCSE students. I'm telling you that now.

Like I said at the start; I have nothing much to talk about, so my entry ends here. See you tomorrow.