Alan T. Fitch

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2021-01-17 16:58:18 (UTC)

Good evening.


I just found out that Generation Z ended in 2012. The current generation is Generation Alpha, and started in 2013. I also found out that Generation Z started in 1995, so my sister, Charlie, is not actually Generation Y.

I just made a slowed down version of Britney Spears - I Wanna Go.

I had pasta and mince for dinner. I finished it about an hour ago. Mum also asked me to wash up, dry up and put away. And to put all the clothing in the washing machine into the tumble dryer.

I have been on Quora a lot today. I have been answering questions of others, made two spaces, and asked my own question.
My two spaces: One is about the 3rd millennium (2001 - 3000), the other is about the Medal Of Honor game series.

I have also been checking out Wingedwolf94. He is my favourite furry artist and animator. My favourite fursona of his has to either be Acid or Cadaver.

Now I am listening to the slowed down version of the song I mentioned a couple paragraphs back.

My entry ends here.