Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-17 13:17:57 (UTC)

Afternoon. - My first entry of the day

Good afternoon people!

Dad phoned about twenty minutes ago. Apparently he has slept all the way through to 3:30 in the morning from when I last spoke to him yesterday. I was told that that is about 15 hours. Seems like he needed the sleep. The worse thing is he woke up and started doing work.
The first thing I told him was about the way I managed to get Medal Of Honor to work on my PlayStation One. He seemed impressed, and so did mum. When I finished speaking to him, mum spoke to him.
"He really is your son! Passwords, you would've thought of that eventually." I felt a little pride in myself for bring my Dad's son. And Mum's too.

When Mark got up, about half an hour ago, I washed up my bowl from breakfast. Before I go to bed every night, I put out a bowl of cereal for myself, so that when I get up, I can have my breakfast there and then.
I also made a cup of tea in my big travel mug. I also added suger (which I should not have done) as a little treat for myself. Despite the fact that I put in quite a bit by mistake.

My entry ends here.