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2021-01-17 06:53:30 (UTC)

R.I.P Lisa Montgomery

It's so messed up that there was no justice for this poor, damaged woman. As a child, so many people who could've helped her, didn't.

In some ways, perhaps the peace of death is a good thing. But it shouldn't have happened like this.

She didn't even any last words, besides "No." I imagine the whole situation didn't seem real to her. I wonder if ANYTHING in her life, once the PTSD defense mechanisms kicked in, seemed real. I wonder if anything brought her joy. If she could've healed at least a little, had she been released and supported.

Every day, I'm reminded that we live in a world where the powers that be control us with cruel indifference. And I have to remind myself that I wouldn't know all this if it wasn't brought to my attention by people who DO care.

It's difficult not to feel powerless in the face of this cruel indifference. Especially when it's already a struggle to care for oneself, and open oneself to being cared for by other people.

In our trauma we have to remember not to turn on each-other or on ourselves.

If you're reading this, I just want to say that I recognise your humanity. You may have opinions that I don't understand, or agree with, or even that are harmful to me; but I know you have your reasons, and that we all just want the same thing deep down, to feel safe and loved. For that, I love you.

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