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2021-01-16 15:27:56 (UTC)

Went to a Covid free zone 😜

Well, no issues from last night's events. Helicopter eventually ran out of gas I guess and flew away so I was able to get some sleep. Didn't drink much so I was rocking it today at the gym. it was cold cold cold. Yup, worth saying it three times. Even under the outdoor tent, it felt like being naked in a fridge. So I started jump roping while waiting for class to start. Curly haired fake-newbie (as I call her ) was there and she picked a mat besides me. I was thinking oh crap!! Now I'm glad I didn't drink too much last night because she's good. But today, I got her number because I could see she was struggling a little and I was passing her by on our routines. She usually wears those loose regular jogging shorts I guess is what you call them? Today she had shorts but tight tight tight. Like leggings but shorts so it showed her....shape. Tried not to look and I didn't.....too much 😈

After class, she and I chatted. Yup, I like to play with fire and torture myself. Anyway, she is working at a restaurant so I know that's a tough job now. Maybe not the job itself but it keeps getting shut down, opened, shut, partially opened..for a week then shut. PffffTT!!! Anyway, she's still working on her Masters. Asked what she'll be looking for as a full time job. I guessed teacher or nurse from what I know her sweet personality is and I guessed right. She wants to become a nurse. hehe. She fits that profile perfectly. She'd be a good nurse. She has that quiet humble way about her and you can tell she's so kind. Anyway, gym was great. My back felt great. Our legs took a beating. It was shaking and wobbling but the end of class.

After class, I went to a Covid free zone. That'd be Costco. Yup, I may have to sanitize my shoes, hands, and keep 6' away from people at the gym along with having to take a temp reading. Constant wiping down and spray sanitizing our equipment. Not Costco. Just go in, fill up the aisles with people coming and going. No temp checks. No sanitizing of the shopping carts. All four walls are up unlike at restaurants where outside seating only is allowed and only one wall up so all the germs will supposedly dissipate. Not at Costco. It's a Covid free zone. You folks know I'm being sarcastic? hehe

BTW, I bought a big bottle of Vodka. I need to figure out a way to sneak that over to my friend so I don't get busted again. It'll look like water so I already got ideas in my head on how to get it done. I may be banned from going to my friend's house though so we shall see what happens.

I didn't eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner yesterday so after Costco, I was near Superstar's work place. At least one of her work places. Went to the drive thru at Chick-fil-A. She was busy cooking in the back but her friends told her I was there. Along the way through the drive through, I had two employees compliment my truck. Same as after gym class, they go around it and oogle at how it looks. Oogle is a word right? If not, I'm making it up then.

Still got a lot to do before it gets dark so I better get my ass off this sofa. Lunch was great. I ordered a chicken combo but lettuce wrapped in lieu of a bun. Anyway, gotta go.