Living With a narcissist
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2021-01-14 00:21:38 (UTC)

Jane and Sam...

Mood: I dont even know
So today was crazy it was great until about 4:00pm when we get on the line to serve so its the aides job to call out diet orders to me so that I know what they need or what they are allergic to and so on well we call out 4 at a time because there is no more room so janes is being annoying and keeps calling the cards way ahead of time so i just ignored it until finally she done it enough I said look... we only call four at a time out because i cant possibly remember 10 people down the line after you have told me about the previous nine i have done forgot what you said about the 10th she got mad and said ok that was the end of that she knows better because she has been here a cpl years now well then Sam goes and runs her some water to soak janes pans for her well jane has track record of being a damn crybaby she has been sheltered all her life as i said in previous post so shes is very needy whiny and thinks everyone owes her something well same soaked the pans and as im on my lunch break doing school work I hear jane cussing and i can hear her clearly im tired of this fucking job im fixing to just go the fuck home well then when same came in from her break jane starts cussing her and so i had to intervene but i was so mad i told her that she couldnt talk to ppl like that i then notfied my boss and he told me i done good and to handle it further if need be until he came in but