Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-16 18:39:34 (UTC)


Good evening.

Medal Of Honor was much harder than I thought, or anticipated. I played the level 3 mission 1, after I put the password in. Believe me, its hard. I was kinda scared to play the game, because I didn't want to get found out. Then again, it's a game, for goodness sake. So I just played, and died three times before coming off, as we are running out of electricity. Apparantly, the internet will not allow us to top up. It keeps saying that it is having trouble on their side, and to try again later.

Earlier on mum taught my stepfather how to play solitaire. Oh my great God, wasn't it funny!

Mum and my stepfather were watching a program earlier. I think it was called something like 'Rose, me and time'. It had the wife of Boyce from Green green grass, and the woman that plays the headteacher of a school in Nativity. Mind you, it took me a long time to figure out where she was from. Her face was so familiar, I knew I knew her from somewhere.
In fact, it sounds like, from my bedroom, that they are still watching the program.

Mum will be cooking dinner shortly. I asked if she wanted ne to help. She said that I said 'no' earlier. I told her that that was because I wanted to be left alobe. She kept asking me to do things for her, and it was really fusing me off. I was trying to have a nap, and she would call my name, and ask me to do something for her. But that is now in the past of today. It doesn't matter now. I have had my space, so I am happy to help her.

My entry ends here.