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2021-01-16 13:34:27 (UTC)

Again? Already?

Hello. Again already? Another entry?
In the small amount pf time between now and my last entry, a few things have happened. So let me jot them down before I forget...

I literally turned my PSP on and Dad phoned. He said he has a sore throat. He's alright, apart from that. Just prodding on with work.
He told me that he remembered to order a memory card. He could only order one because he said they cost something like £4. But that was all I needed to play the new games when they arrived. He still said that he will order me another one when he can.
He asked me if my room was tidy, and I lied 'yes', when really it could do with a bit of cleaning. He mentioned that I should hoover the floor today, just to make sure that it is clean. Mum heard that, and said that I will. Guess I am tidying my room today! Dammit.

I did something stupid after he phoned. I asked if Mark wanted me to let Daisy out into the garden, and he said 'yes'. He gave me the keys and I let Daisy out. I then grabbed my bowl and made myself another cereal, got my big plastic travel mug and made myself a hot chocolate, using the hotness of the sink tap. It can get hot if you are patient. Still, it was about a little hotter than warm. I drank it down, not washing the cup out, and brought it back upstairs. Ate my bowl of cereal then washed it and the other dirty stuff on the side. Dried it then put it away.
Nobody noticed anything different. 😶

Two parcel arrived about ten minutes ago. One big one was for Mark. The other was for me! I thought it was one of my games, but it sounded like a DVD. I then thought it was my Lee Evans boxset. Turns out it was my mum's Hunger Games DVD, that Dad must've got along with my stuff. Oh well. It won't be long and my stuff will arrive at the door.

Earlier on I let Max the cat out, and I told Mark ib case I got in trouble because of it. I don't know why I would get in trouble, but... I don't know.
He said it was fine, he needs to go toilet anyway. By the way, I let him out of the front door, not the garden door, which my family calls the 'back door'.

That is all now. See you later.

P.S. I told you a lot went on! Heehee.😋