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2021-01-16 12:42:00 (UTC)

Good afternoon

Hello there, again.

Dad ordered me some stuff off of eBay yesterday. He bought me: A 10-disc Lee Evans box set (1998-2005 I think it is); Medal Of Honor: Underground for my PS1; ten-pack of Mentos Spearmints in a tube; and Metal Gear Solid for my PS1 too. There was one thing he forgot, though, which he ordered for me when he got off the phone. And that was a memory card for my PS1. I looked at Mr. Crane yesterday and told him that he reminded me that Dad has is buying some stuff for me today (back then). Then I muttered to myself 'I bet he forgot the memory card'. I mean no offence, I am just saying.

It is currently 12:48 and my parents are still not up!

I might write some more of my fanfiction on Medal Of Honor, as I have now started that (yesterday). Dad said I could also write my Flashback: The Quest For Identity too. I was thinking about writing one for that ages ago, but never got round to writing it. Mind you, I though of a smashing graphic novel for that game. The problem is I cannot draw. Or at least professionally enough to do that. I can't even draw furries either!

That is all for my entry. I will play Medal Of Honor: Heroes on My PSP.