This Is It - 2021
2021-01-15 00:00:00 (UTC)

Small Victories

Hey Diem,

Pretty stoked today - Turns out I was right in my first guess for the murder mystery show I'm following. I'm particularly proud of me sticking to the answer I figured out even though no one else in the group answered it - one even said I was "stretching" in my conclusion. I'm not upset with them, it's only a game, just got a sort of...cocky satisfaction in actually being right after that, y'know?

Actual assignments for the semester were due today, and so I had a bit of work to do. Not difficult work, but assignments for nearly every class nonetheless. So weird to think that - if all goes accordingly - I'll come out of this semester with an actual college degree (not the end one I'm working towards, but still).

Now there's a new part to the mystery to solve, and I am once again at square one with absolutely no clue what I think the clues mean. I'm in a few groups discussing it, but I'm mostly hoping it just ~clicks~ for me the way the first set of clues did. I suppose we'll see. I've still been expanding on my notes in the meantime...

What's the PINNACLE???

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