Being Sam
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2021-01-16 08:09:02 (UTC)

Shits getting real - house move ETA 13days.

Ahhhhhhhhh I know I shouldn't get excited until that local search comes back as planned on 21st because until then, they can't guarantee 29th but the solicitors and estate agent are all pretty much working at 29th being go time so we're doing the same and I AM SO EXCITED!

We were at the new house last night doing our snag list (luckily there's only minor things) and Dean and I were both pretty much giddy by the time we left because we're moving into a house that is so much better than we ever thought we would be able to afford and it feels AWESOME. We're at that age too where it felt completely acceptable and not at all embarrassing to be excited about our loft space - which is conversion ready and the size of the whole house's footprint. It. Is. Mega.
The kitchen is awesome! I took my floor samples so that's decided for the most part too and gah I just can't wait! 2 weeks and I'm going to live in a fricking detached 4 bed, 1800square foot house! WITH A ROOM FOR MY BOOKS.

While I've been writing this, Dean has come back to bed (with breakfast for me - husband points for that!) And is "practicing his posh voice so we fit in with our rich neighbours" hahahaha. He's absolutely shit at it (imagine a cheap imitation of Dom from Gogglebox or somebodies dad in Made In Chelsea) but I love him so much for it because its nice that we're both excited!

Hes that excited that I didn't have to even offer bj tokens to get him to agree to a £44 a m2 flooring...I don't know whats gotten into him haha

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