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2021-01-15 23:17:47 (UTC)

Busted!! 😤

Well, went to visit my friend that had a stroke. My good friend for so many years. We were teammates at darts and we won so many trophies. Even at the world amateur tournaments in Vegas, there was a time where we took it all. Till this day, the only trophies I keep are the big win tournaments. Most of them was with my friend that is now laying in bed can't move his dang left arm and leg. It isn't right. He can't even make it to the bathroom.

So what do I do? I did what any good friend would do or perhaps what the devil would do. I gave him a drink. He went cold turkey since his attack and that was forced on him. Screw that!! Not gonna let that happen. He drank so much. Now? Only now does his kids say anything and want to protect him? They had all their lives to make him stop drinking. All I'm doing was given my friend what he wants. So what if it's not the best. They are still letting him smoke and giving him some cbd. He wanted and got alcohol from him. I was able to sneak some into his glass of water and poured a little mini bottle of whiskey for him. My friend knew and she gave it to him and held it while he drank it from a straw. She knew, I knew, and my friend knew what it was as soon as he sipped some of it.

Then his son picked it up later to clean up and he took a wiff and knew what it was. He was furious!!! Haha. At first, I got scared and felt bad but then I thought nah. My friend wanted this and asked for it. I will give him whatever he wants. He is old and smoked two packs a day. Drank a 5th almost daily so... one little itty bitty airplane sampler bottle won't kill him. He wants to go anyway. He looked so terrible and just seemed like he was shriveling away. He did not look good. His son said we can get out if we want to keep doing that. He's a big boy too. Redneck dude probably about 6'6" over 300 lbs could pick me up and throw me out with one finger. But I don't care. Anything my friend wants, I will get it for him. Next visit? I will bring two bottles. Maybe change it up and pour vodka so it'll look the same as water. Supposedly vodka has no smell but I'm usually too busy drinking it to smell it. Only wine deserves to be stirred, smelled, and pretty much suckled on. hehe.

Strangely enough, I enjoyed my visit at my friend's place. I'll probably be banned because of what I did. But hey, whatever my friend wants, I will try to give it to him. He worked hard all his life. Now he's retired. He just wants to pass peacefully and as painlessly as possible. I know. He confessed that to me before. He has a right to go down swinging if he wants. If somehow he manages to live out the year, it'll be a miracle. I love him and I'll do whatever he wants me to do. That's what friends are for.

On the way home, I saw a bunch of cop cars lined up near my home just around the corner. Great!!! I have to go all the way around because they are blocking my way home. Helecopter's flying overhead and I hear them say " Stay in your homes and lock the door. There is an armed suspect running loose and we will have the dogs come out to find him. Stay indoors and lock your doors. If you see anything suspicious, call 911". Pfffft!!! If they hit my house, they are in for a treat. I have my 9mm and 45 on the coffee table with extra clips. Took a quick pic (while at a stop) and when I drove by, there were like 30 cop cars and this annoying helicopter overhead.

You know what's funny? Even with this, I'm still pretty calm and relaxed. If anything, they killed the mood for me to want to "take care of some personal business tonight" hehe. Sorry not sorry.
Just realized I didn't have breakfast, lunch, or dinner today. Not really hungry but maybe in a little while, I'l have my fake rice (rice cauliflower), and some pork lau-lau ( A Hawaiian dish). I'll tell myself to get to bed early and as usually, I probably won't. Good thing that wasn't in my New Year's resolution otherwise I'd have blown it and the month isn't even over yet.

So that's my day. Highlight of the day was my friend's Son was pissed at me. Little do they know I got a bunch of little whiskey bottles ready to infiltrate my friend's glass again :) Armed suspect running around my neighborhood. Meh... a so-so day.