Do Not Disturb

2021-01-16 03:50:27 (UTC)


Its been two weeks since I last quit my job and I still haven't gotten another one yet. I still haven't heard from that last job that I had an interview with. Krystal's. I called them 5 times and they kept saying that they'll call me back but didn't. Maybe that job isn't meant for me. That is why I got another job interview at Arby's on Monday at 4:30 PM. I also applied for other jobs like Dollar tree,ect... But I have to wait for them to call me back unfortunately.

Me and Li aren't talking anymore. He told me all this stuff when he was just lying to my face. He told me that he wasn't " ready for a relationship" but now all of a sudden has a girlfriend. He had a girlfriend the whole time because he was texting her every time that we hung out . He just didn't wanna be with me. But he'll regret it. I should be with someone who wants to be with me like Diorr. At least I knoe he wants me to be his girlfriend. He seems cute. He doesn't do much. He plays his game a lot. He texts back fast. We be on the phone. I don't think any of my ex's have done anything like that they always take forever to respond. Maybe he is different.

Oh yea , I cracked my phone today. Something I thought never would've happen. So now I have to get a whole nother phone. But I have to get a job first. 🙄

- A