Do Not Disturb

2021-01-15 00:01:47 (UTC)


Nigel said I was overreacting when he told me he had sex with another girl. The girl that he lost his virginity to and that he didn't expect me to act a certain way about it is bullshit knowing that I've had feelings for him.

Do I not suppose to act a certain way to that thinking he actually liked me back like he says he supposedly does ?

And then he goes on saying that I shouldn't because we're not in a relationship like I don't know that already.🙄.

Like, you don't have to rub it in my face. But he still says he wants to see me and have sex with me but I'm to far away but he didn't complain about distance when he had sex with that girl. He also then told me that it was horrible that he didn't even get the chance to cum and that I should be happy about that.

Why should I be happy about that ? If anything I should be hurt. But I'll get over it. Eventually. And I'm sure that he'll be thrilled.

- A

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