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2021-01-15 19:53:00 (UTC)

January 16, 2019: Trending Twitter:

TagLine: RoMarisBackToSchool
Hashtag: #RoMarisBackToSchool

From RoMaris Trendsetters: #rxmFirstPrank What happened to Them?
From Alexa Daphne H: #rxmFirstPrank Andrea x Maris Superstars!!!
From RoMaris Daily News: To be honest with Maris, she will be throw the dollar in the trash.
From RoMaris Italy Official: The prank of the win!
From RoMaris TakTak: The forth period returns
From RoMaris Sweethearts: These heaux style!
From Makalia G: #rxmFirstPrank Esteban's Traps 😂😂😂
From Maristellar Chapter OFC: Maris wearing her PINK VS Sweater in School
From Maristellar Queenies: Victoria Secret PINK Winter Style Photoshoot!
From Elena Q: Maris talking on the vintage phone in photoshoot!
From Maristellar Matcha Dreamers: Maris listening Tinashe in public transition school.

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