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2021-01-15 19:28:53 (UTC)

Shopping with the Professor 2 (Early Days)

“Anything huh?”
“Anything but of course it must meet my approval. I will look after you for the rest of your life if you allow me” He kissed the top of my head. It was sweet I mean a little that he wanted to take care of me. I picked up a tank top and smiled. “That is too low cut, you already draw enough attention and men already are thinking about you naked they don’t need a better picture”. I rolled my eyes and put it back. “I don’t dress for men to look you Neanderthal plus it’s not like I have a body to pull it off without a cover anyway”.
“Let me be clear no one is going to touch you ever unless I allow it so why should they be allowed to look at you and see more than they should. It is like reading a menu but never ordering it is pointless and frustrating” He took the short skirt I was looking at out of my hands and put it back for me. “ Also You never put yourself down am I clear?”
I grunted in frustration and shook my head I turned to look at another rack. "So I frustrate you is that what you are really saying to me?" I felt him reach out and squeeze my ass and I swung back around. He giggled this man fucking giggled at me then had the audacity to look innocent. “Keep your hands to yourself” I scolded him in my most adult voice I could muster with a smile on my face. Then it hit me fuck we did really look like a couple just now to anyone watching. This man and I we were a couple and in a couple months would be a couple living together all the time! remember I was 18 in this memory I was far from an actual adult. That doesn't read right but you all know what I am saying.
He smiled at me and my face was hot. He held up a baby pink button up shirt. “What about this Kitten?” ‘It is pretty”. I reached out and touched it. No doubt it was silk and beautiful soft wonderful silk. I groaned no doubt it was expensive. I picked up a jean skirt it had buttons and a ruffle around the bottom and it was short but looked longer than my uniform skirt. Which lets be honest was obscenely short. He took it out of my hand and held it up to my legs. “That is fine I guess” he didn’t look happy but he was giving in. “No heels with it”.
I let out a moan “God this is like shopping with my mama” I elbowed him. And he pulled me close to him angling us toward the corner. He pulled me close and cupped my face. “I love this smile” He leaned down and brushed a kiss on my lips “I hope I get to see this smile everyday till I die”.
“Maybe if you quit being an ass you will” I shoved away from him. He laughed and I picked up a pair of leather pants that tied up the sides. “Wanna see my smile?” I knew in that moment he was seeing the devilish smile that is all mine.
“Always” he titled his head to the side with a slight grin on his face.
“Then go put theses on” I held the pants up.
He lowered his gaze to my hand “I don’t think so Kitten besides they look too small”
“Even better” I held them out to him. “The fact they are small will make your ass even cuter” I walked around him and slapped an ass cheek. “You think my ass is cute?” he asked.
“Maybe I will know 100% if you put theses on and undo the ties show some of that sexy thigh. Or is your masculinity too fragile?”
He grabbed them from me “Fine but you better be ready because I am only doing this once and you will pay for it” He pointed his finger at me as he walked into a dressing room.