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2021-01-15 09:39:11 (UTC)

Just like that, it's Friday already 😊

Oh man!! Life is going by too quickly nowadays. It's cool that I'm happy and time always flies when you're having fun but I don't want to blink and then I'm all of a sudden 90 yrs old!!! Yipes!! But as if I'll live that long. Pretty sure I punished my body enough to not last that long. If anything Covid strain #50 or whatever future strain will get me. hahaha😝

I did a self assessment and my core don't hurt from yesterday's workout but feels firm. I feel a tinge of soreness on my back but it'll be fine by noon I'm sure. We have no evening classes today and I couldn't make the early-bird session this morning at 7AM. In fact, I didn't even wake up till 7:20AM so yeah, that class I attended last week was my first and I don't see that happening again anytime soon. Not even gonna put that in next years "New Years Resolution". 😤 Maybe today, I'll just do some jump ropes. Help keep the happy chemicals flowing in me.

Sometimes I wonder if all those natural happy-happy-joy-joy chemicals I release from working out may not be the healthiest thing mentally. I don't get lit up at work anymore. If anything is wrong at work where I don't agree or I'm frustrated because I can't figure it out, I just say "Hmmm, ok" and just back off a bit. I mean I don't flame anyone for making big stupid mistakes anymore. I just say "That's unfortunate" or " That's too bad". hehe. In previous mtgs, I'd light it up and say "Your'e killing me! We've been working and discussing this for years and you still don't know what we're talking about?!". hehe. True statement. Everyone has that ditsy worker that somehow slipped into the group and ends up being a highly paid but working almost like a student assistant doing menial work.

Speaking of work, I found out it's a Holiday this coming Monday. Woohoo!!! 😱 I think I'll take a vaca day off on Tuesday too to stretch my weekend even longer!! Hell yeah!!! I wonder if any vineyards are open this weekend? I can get some of my friends to go maybe. Even if I have to be the designated driver, I'll go. Well no, I lie. No way will I be the designated driver.
I have wine pickups at three different wineries to pick up. Boeger and Mira Flores. The other one is in the opposite direction so that one will have to wait a bit and that's Bogle. We make fun and call it Booger but it's actually a very beautiful wine tasting area and the seating is right next to the vineyards. Beautiful Gazebo and they of course have special events held there frequently. Pre-covid times of course.