If I die today
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2021-01-15 07:17:21 (UTC)

lights out

Yesterday of all peopleI got a text from my sister.. Which isnt bad she's great people but always full of suprises. You know what she was asking me.. is about the "blackouts" and we texted for a min but I was exspecting Ndea so I told her I have company but she sent me a link right along my thoughts as far as well I think we're all being greatly decieved. She also mentioned everyones thinks she nuts and you know what she mentioned the pope bc lol poor girl tried to tell mom he wasnt a good man.. haha she should know better thant to try to clue mom in that the whole catholic church is corrupt. Anyhow I was suprised I didnt know she was in on that we didnt talk enough thou so I should watch the 2 hour video today and get back to her bc wawow guess what? She might be coming to the truth well I conisder her to be in the know but now is the time to break down the lies that seperate her from knowing GOd if she is still lost:( unknowningly. Anyhow that morning I had watched part of the Fullerton informers newest youtube video that I could find and I did get to the part where he makes mentions its not your job to make someone believe the truth . I'm slighty distracted on that thought but the video yesterday struck me. I need to actually watch all of that today too. Anyhow we are in a world of deception and truth is as far as blackouts yes they will come and are here and will have many blames but much of it is control. We're in a battle. Like it or not . The one thing I want to adress is that at some point "aliens" will be blamed and they WILL appear. Here;s what I know so far is that we have had so many chemicals dumped in the air so much conditioning that we well may have created our own little movie screen for a projector.. a projection. That will be real. For the Alien theory I hold high to a lot of info I get from threee hearts church texas. I do not have my mind set to take a stance if other planets to exist and if they could have life and send invasions. I doubt it but I do believe something evil is a foot and an alien invasion would bring that "unity" the false unitly bullshit the media Neworldorder is always pushing. I think a trick witll be played on us all. So personally I rember many times in my life prior to being saved in 2014 I would lay awake terrified of aliens. IDK what happened but that particular fear is just gone. The LORD took that away so IDK what to make of it all but it doesnt torrment me. I'm really sad and sickened that we will be brainwashed and tricked into behaviors that somehow please the people decieving us thou. Today if I die just want to say do your own homework stand in truth you know , share truth as well.Deception is here and its still coming at us and its gonna get grand real fast. Hopefully you can share in love but i'm a hyprocite for adding that but in love is how we make a diffrence.

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