Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-15 14:26:18 (UTC)

40 minute free-time

I have about 40 minutes of free time now, so hello again. I will now speak freely about today.
I am currently playing Ellie Goulding - Lights. On this laptop, I have the ability to speed up or slow down the tempo (but not the pitch), and I love slowed down music so I have slowed it down. I love it!

I have just finished boxing with Mr. Crane. We did about fifteen minutes of it.
Earlier on, I did English, Maths, had a Zoom call with Mrs. Hoy for food tech, did cooking around 11:30, had science then ASDAN. And here I am now, writing this entry.
It took quite some time for me to get onto the Zoom meeting. First of all, there was no application on the laptop. So I searched up the Zoom website and did the Zoom meeting off there. Took a long time t get onto it though, as the browser kept crashing and working slowly then crashing again, on repeat until I got onto the call. As long as I didn't click anywhere, it would work. I did accidentally click twice, and it froze out for a minute or two. Then it went back to normal.

Oh my God! I had such a weird dream last night! I died in my dream of suffocation and woke up at exactly 3:09AM, when I thought it was seven 'o' clock. I walked into this room at school, and it closed on me. Next thing I new I was suffocating. The last person I saw in my dream was Mr. Martin. The last thing I felt was my back hurting (which I woke to feel as well) and the desperation for oxygen. Painful, and I cannot imagine what it would be like to suffocate to death in reality.

There is really nothing else that I can think of to say. So goodbye for now.