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me and my life
2021-01-15 13:59:45 (UTC)

Brain fucked

Miss him terribly even by listening songs. Now it's like songs are making sence to me their lyrics they all related to me, my life, us.
I really wonder how can he be so cold. 4 yrs of relationship and it took a moment to break. Nothing in life is predictable. I don't know what is my life now. Am just sitting at home ideal and weeks are passing so fast so is my time. I do believe in God but am not sure how am I suppose to work on my life. All my plans are going vain. Even my search of prospect is it a right decision? Am I doing it for a sake?? To forget V? Am sure he is not searching because he likes to suffer but why should I ?? I want to make no more mistakes but am not even sure that whatever am doing is right or not. Phewww really brain fucked. I cry like Moron everyday for that. Moron. Soon it will be a yr we met and time will pass so. He was so perfect, everything between us was so perfect untill his parents entered and everything got ruined.