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2021-01-15 00:27:19 (UTC)

Funny how you can rewrite your memories 😌

I was thinking a little bit more than usual today. I was listening to music that ties in with my past. There were songs I recall that used to remind me of certain women because while I was with that certain woman (and she devil), those songs were there for us to share together. So early on, like most people, after parting ways with whomever you were with, when those songs get played, it brings back memories of the past and it tugs at your heart a little because the high that you got when you were with that someone is now gone. Can't help but feel like crap after that too. hehe. Nothing wrong with that I think and I'm sure we all felt that way too.

Now that time has passed, I'm carving out new experiences and memories. Those songs that once tugged at my heart making me sad? It's now being overwritten with happier times with new life events. So when I'm listening to my playlist in my awesome truck via Alexa, I smile at those once sad songs and get silly stupid. I bob my head singing along (all windows rolled up) tapping on the steering wheel driving around in my truck feeling fantabulous!! 😊 Sometimes on the way home from gym, I take the long way because I'm just fricking loving life. Now those once sad songs are making me happy. Just the way I like it.
It's the same thing going to restaurants or places where my Ex and I used to go. Now, I'm overwriting those sad memories with good ones when my friends and I go there and we have a blast. Now when I pass by that said restaurant, I only picture the gang having fun, chatting, laughing, and probably drinking too of course. You don't forget but now at least my unconscious mind also flips into this happy mood now unlike before. So that's kinda what was in my head today when my little wheel in my head was turning a bit. haha.

Gym class today was brutal. I drank too much coffee and my preworkout drink and it got me way overboard with caffeine. Lit me up big time. I could tell driving home from gym today, I was getting tunnel vision. That happens when I drink too much caffeine. Happened once before. I forget sometimes I'm not a 20 something year old. hehe. Today was heavy on the core and I could not keep up. Many times while we're doing leg lifts, bicycle crunches, side planks, and jump squats, I had to pause and drop my legs a few times to rest. Not like me but maybe it's because I didn't eat anything today. Or too much coffee. Anyway, I survived gym class but my lower back hurts. Always does when we do too many leg lifts, sit ups, bicycle crunches.

Gym peeps wanted to chat after class and didn't. Went to my truck immediately because I wanted to just get home. They saw me walking to my truck (gingerly) and open the driver side door and got in but before I could close the door, they were there blocking me from closing it so we all could chat. Social butterfly needed a break. So I was grimacing but trying to man up and chat with them. I really wanted to just drive home and kick back to recover. Oh yeah, lifted trucks isn't easy to get into when your back is hurting. Found that out. Poor me huh? What a wimp! haha. Finally, I just told them I had to go do something. Didn't really but I didn't feel like a social butterfly after class.

When I got home, I thought I'd need a norco but after 30 min, I felt fine. Glad I went to the gym and my core should be hurting tomorrow. It was a dang good workout. My core needed it for sure. Fake newbie with the curly hair was there tonight but she couldn't join me because all the spots next to me were taken. Good thing too because I'd have tried to keep up with her and my body was not agreeing tonight.

I put my old rims and tires for sale. Asking for $650 but would let it go for $500 really. 4 rims and tires plus the spare tire. Tread is still good on them. Tire gauge show 9/32 and I think a new one has 10/32 or 11/32 so my tires are in great shape.

Carrie texted me today asking if I was somewhere on I80 at a certain time at 4:30. Nope, didn't leave the house till work was don't a 5PM. Not sure if she was throwing me breadcrumbs maybe? But whatever... I had a good day today. Gosh.. I don't even recall the last time I got really mad :) Life is good.