The musings of a sex addict
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2021-01-14 18:26:59 (UTC)

The Dart Board

If you're reading this you've either stumbled upon it randomly, searched a key word and got here or found Intro and have continued on. I am writing this for my own entertainment and sharing it because I'm a bit of an exhibitionist I guess. I found a long time ago, I like to talk about sex with people, but it takes a like minded twisted individual to want to continue a conversation with a sex addict. If you started at the beginning and are still here, turns out you're a bit of a voyeur. Smile, it's fun to watch.
I said earlier that I'm not much into validation, but as it turns out I think we all are into validation of some form or another. When you ask your partner, did you have fun? Did you like that? Did you cum?, you're seeking validation that you did a good job. If you have hooked up with a cum dump, well then you don't care if they had fun. News flash: if they are a cum dump, that's how they have fun so you can rest easy that you did your job.
On to The Dart Board
When I was a teenager I had one of those Widdy dart boards with the wooden wall cabinet and the chalk boards on the inside of the doors to keep score. If you don't know what that is, well I just pretty much summed it up. It used the metal sharp darts, not those pussy English Mark darts with the plastic tip. These things are weapons, kind of like tiny lawn darts.
Anyhow, my best friend and I would spend hours throwing darts and talking about girls, music, movies, tv shows and how much we hated that "fag asshole Paul". (don't get offended by the word fag, it's just a word and if you continue reading you'll see the irony in my using it).
Bob sucked at darts, I was pretty good. I went on as an adult to throw darts in bar leagues and tournaments and could always hold my own and win more often than I lost, even back then our games were very one sided.
One day we were throwing darts and lamenting about all the twisted things "that fag Paul" would do. We really hated that guy and would make fun of him cause he "probably likes to suck dick, and get fucked in the ass".
I jokingly said that "if Paul were here he'd want to bet a blow job on who would win, knowing that I could beat him anytime, that way he'd get to suck my dick". Bob laughed and said "you aren't good enough to bet a blow job, if you lost you'd have to suck that fags dick".
I said, "I'd bet you or that fag Paul a blow job any day of the week because I know I wouldn't be the one that had to suck a dick".
I couldn't believe it when I he said, "I'll bet you a blow job, one game". No fucking way I'm letting a guy suck my dick, "you're on" I said. It wasn't at all uncommon for us to bet on things. Usually the stakes were a pop or candy bar or something completely inconsequential, but to suck another guy's dick like "that fag Paul", that was a new one. These were high stakes.
I let him decide who went first, and he deferred to throw hammer. The game was baseball, by the 4th inning, I was up 10 runs on him. By the 6th inning I started getting hard thinking about having someone suck my dick. I'd never had someone suck my dick before. I was more than a little hesitant to let a guy do it, didn't that make me a fag too, just like Paul? Apparently Bob too if he was willing to make such a foolish bet. I was hesitant but I knew I'd let him do it, I really wanted to try it.
I was winning that I let him take a shot for the bullseye with his last dart, a hit would have tied the game instantly and put it into extra inning, he failed, I won a blow job.
I smiled at him and reached down to unzip my pants, "double or nothing" he yelled. This also wasn't unusual for our bets, one of us would double or nothing each other until it finally washed out to nothing. To deny the request would seem like I wanted him to suck my dick, which if he didn't want to, I didn't want him to think I wanted him to, did you follow that?
If he was willing, well then a bet is a bet. I granted the request, and granted the request, and granted the request. We finally started marking down on the chalkboard how many blow jobs he owed me, it was alot. This went on for days, it was winter time and other than some occasional sled riding, we spent a good bit of our time together in my bedroom throwing darts.
One day he came up with a compromise, "ok, last game. If you win, I'll do it, I'll suck your dick. I'll pay you back all the times you beat me. If I win, I'll still do it, but you have to suck mine too, win win for you".
Suck his dick? Is he joking? I beat him like 25 times, he owes me 25 blow jobs, I don't owe him shit, win win my ass, I'd have to suck his dick, no fucking way. "Deal" I said, "but we have to play naked, ready to go when you lose". I didn't want him to try and sneak out of it again. If we were both naked, well there would be less time for him to back out.
"If I'm going to lose again, then why do I have to be naked"? he asked. "Just in case" I said.
"No matter what happens, no words, no backing down, we just get down to it" he said, "Deal" I said and we shook on it.
We got undressed and I let him throw hammer as was our tradition since the bet began days ago. The game was close, it's hard to throw darts when you are naked and throwing against your best friend that is also naked. I noticed that he was getting hard as the game went on, so was I. I was finally going to see what it was like to get my dick sucked.
To be honest, I let him keep the game close, I was afraid he would realize early that he was going to lose and back out again. I definitely didn't want to suck his dick, definitely didn't want that.
It was close enough that he could beat me with his last throw of the darts, and he did. I had finally lost, all those days of beating him sometimes by 15 or more runs had ended with his 2nd to last dart. I looked down at his dick and it was standing straight at attention, hard, so was mine.
I had already locked the bedroom door when we got undressed so wordlessly we went to my bed. He climbed in and laid on his side. I climbed in next to him in the 69 position and scooted over so close my dick was almost touching his lips, but his was almost touching mine too so fair is fair.
We both started slow, little hesitant licks, just barely taking in just the tip. The sensation was amazing, the Sexy Witch's pussy felt great, but his mouth, oh my God. It also occurred to me that I didn't have to pull out and shoot somewhere else, he couldn't get pregnant.
Funny thing about arousal, the better his mouth felt, the more i wanted him in mine. I could tell he felt the same way because the more I sucked him, the more he sucked me.
Maybe 5 minutes, probably more like 3 minutes and I came hard, he didn't know it was cumming and he gagged and spit most of it out but kept pumping my mouth without missing a stroke.
He came only a few seconds later and like him, I gagged. Most of it went down my throat and I swallowed the rest. We laid there for a couple minutes breathing hard until he got up, got dressed and left.
For the next couple years, about once a month or so we'd play around. We tried anal once but it hurt and we stopped. We didn't know how to do it right, I am glad to say that I've figured that out over the years, but those are stories for another time.
We've lost touch over the years and I often wonder if he still likes to suck dick. I've looked him up on facebook and he seems to be happily married with a couple great looking kids. I wonder if he has a diary of the first time he ever traded blow jobs with a guy.
Stay tuned for Stephen's Girl cumming soon.