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2021-01-14 18:18:26 (UTC)

Shopping with the Professor 1 (Early Days)

This I had to break into parts because well you are about to see a really fun and silly side of my professor. One I think many will have a hard time seeing him like you all already do. He can be fun and not strict. Anyway to do this justice I had to break it into parts soooo yeah. For those wondering he didn't want to post this story but I really want too so here goes nothing.
So that Friday We had a very long talk about how I present myself and how it is a direct reflection him and blah blah blah. Soooo on Saturday morning I woke up to breakfast in bed. “Good morning Kitten” he sat and smiled down at me.
I swatted him away “God what time is it go back to bed”
“Not today “ He smiled at me. “We have something to do”
“Really” I sat up in bed and looked at him “What?”
HE smiled and started to lay clothes out for me. “I am taking you shopping you need more appropriate clothes and you will need things when you move in in a couple months”
“Pretty sure of yourself aren’t you? Maybe I have gotten tired of being teased”.
He raised his eyebrow “You could always beg”
“You wish”
“It is only a matter of time your little girl plaything will become not enough you will see” He left me throwing over his shoulder “Get dressed”. He dressed me in a short dress as always with heels. When I joined him he smiled and put a black silk ribbon around my neck. I looked at him in question “I just like how it looks and you might need to get used to having something around your neck” he winked and took off out the front door leaving me to follow. Lets be honest it’s not like I was going to turn down shopping.
We pulled up in the parking lot of a pretty massive mall. He opened my door and helped me out. He didn’t let go of my hand as led me to the door. I jerked mine out of his and he glared at me. No one would know us here it was safe but I just didn’t want to hold his hand. He grabbed my wrist and then squeezed my hand tighter. He lowered his voice “Don’t fight me today”.
I whimpered because that is what he wanted a show of submissiveness. “You don’t have to be rough with me” I looked the other way. He smiled “That is the only thing you respond to and besides you look good enough to eat and I want it to be clear you belong to me.” I looked back at his face “Ok you can pee on me another time I am my own human here” He laughed “ That’s not really my thing and you are your own human but you are my human”. He opened the door and we walked hand in hand through the mall. It was weird being out in public with him. We went from store to store he didn’t deny me looking in any store. He did however take issue with almost everything I picked up. He picked up a black dress which I would soon learn was how he really liked to see me and handed it to me “What about this?”
I smiled and looked at the tag and put it back “Its too much”
He grinned “Do you like it?”
“Do you?” I asked.
“You can be honest with me Kitten you don’t need to worry about the money I will take care of you” he traced his finger across my jaw to my neck and smiled down at me. A knowing smile one I would later learn he always got when he thought about a collar around my neck, his collar to be exact.
“where do you get all your money from?” it was out before I even thought twice. I covered my mouth because shit did I really just ask that. I was kicking myself. He smiled “That is not for you to worry about. We will have that discussion when we are in private but for now just know I can get you anything you want”.