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2021-01-14 18:13:54 (UTC)

The person of the therapist

I have known two therapists that i have gotten really to enjoy working with. they seem nice and they seem cool, i sometimes did wonder if we met at a different place in life and not as patients and counselors, they would be cool people to get to know and talk to in a far different setting.
i know that is not of course possibe, but i was just thinking that the other day about this.

some therapists i met i have hated and wish i never met in my life, they seemed like awful people no matter what. but a few do seem nice and treated me kindly and seemed like good people for the most part. i wonder if other people do think about this too, i mean counselors and doctors are people too and they also do the same stuff that we as patients do. but we rarely get to see that from them. some you sort of figure out what sort of person they are from spending time with them and others you just remain a mystery the whole life. sometimes you accidentally find out info about them, if they get a call from their children or you pick up on something on their desk that you know is personal too, like a photo of a family member. this gives us some insight into them i think. shows us what kind of person they are or maybe.