Freedom myself
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2021-01-14 19:06:00 (UTC)


Not exactly at the right moment, but in the right time idea came and surprise with the results, actually.
We do it everything for ourselves.
''Good'' & ''Bad'' things , whatever.
More important is that all responsibility stays on our shoulders.

How possibly is that in my youth I became so annoying to my own self focusing on telling everyone what is best actually avoiding confrontation with my own demons called ''emotions''.

Here are not fairy ladies which coming to fly and help me with my head.
I am angry.
My anger doesn't show up for a long time. Usually, my emotions are hidden and they are eaten with food or treated by music or conversation with any strange.

It is time for cluttering not only space around me, while in myself.
I decide to write each thought or record during this time to check the process.
I will be going put this on the internet.

I do not give a shit about how it will going to interpretation because from the level of my awareness I have clue that each gives an opinion from his own perception and actually, this is fucking bad behaviour because who the hell give us right to opinion other people actions, look and things we buy or invest in.

Happy to be here.

Bless and see you around.