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2021-01-14 23:36:13 (UTC)

judgmental enough?

There is a compliment you all have heard. He/she is a good judge of character. you must have said it too. Then on the other hand you are outraged and possibly got offended when someone judges you? do you see the two faced human ego at work here. or am i the only crazy person out here?

we are born to judge. its in our blood. evolution has it made for us. fuck creationism. if we didn't judge shit then we would be possibly making bad choices all our lives. no matter who you are or how pious you think you are a walking talking piece of judging being and to deny that is vanity.

i judge obviously. no denying it. i see these guys, wanna be assholes who keep touching their hair every few minutes, parting their bangs to one side.. with their smartphone in one hand and dressed in some tight clothing to boast their figure. I see these bitches with their spoilt attitude talks and the body language which says please give me all your attention. i see these school kids all acting tough after getting the cool toys. Ive dealt with the most cringing miser of a cunt clients who don't want to pay for the service but want the best of the best.

i judge these people. i observe and i make my own choices of staying the fuck away from such humans.

in other news i bought a fountain or an ink pen. few days back i just went back in time to school days and realized i haven't used one in decades. i clearly remember my old ones. i remember my friends ink pen too. the look and feel, the nib. the mess created on refilling it. the amount of blotting paper to be carried since we all are messy there. using one feels professional. with everything online does anyone ever use them. i tell my clients to note down the details, they fucking remove their phones and take a picture of the screen...fucking facepalm moment. i hate that. i just like writing everything down..