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2021-01-14 17:36:20 (UTC)


Good evening.

Mark asked me to feed the animals, so I did. There was a lot of gravy in the cats tin and I didn't realise. I spilt it a little. I put all the gravy (after I cleaned the little mess) in a bowl and threw it outside - - all over Daisy the dog, who appeard out of nowhere. Luckily it is raining outside, so I only had to rub my hand over the stain and it came off her white fur. I just hope Mark doesn't spot any of the stain, giving that I left some of it on her. It was dark outside.

Earlier on I played Medal Of Honor: Heroes on my PSP, but I only played about five minutes of skirmish mode before I came off for a little bit - - not to go back on! I think I will play the game again when I finish this entry.
I haven't written any of the fanfiction yet, but I have planned what I am going to write for the first chapter. I will make up some of it, and use parts of it that come from the games I have of the series.

On the PSP Medal Of Honor, there are three different ways to play:
Campaign - Play the missions on three difficulties. The difference is the health packs. The lowest difficulty gives you two health packs; Medium - one, and Hard (I remember the name of this difficulty: Hero) gives you none. You can find health packs throughout the level, they are in certain places on each map. You can also get them from killing enemies sometimes.
Ad Hoc: Online multiplayer. I don't know how it works because my PSP does not support WLAN. And considering the PSP was discontinued in 2014, it probably won't work as the services for that console have been shut down.
Skirmish: I love this one. I actually have played over 12 hours on skirmish mode, it says in my 'service record'. This is basically Ad Hoc, but not online and all the other 'players' are Computer, or AI.

I just finished researching Sherlock Holmes for Ms. Sims, and I sent an email containing the document to her. I hope she is alright with it. Sherlock Holmes is what I read with her over Zoom earlier. I read ten pages. Before the Zoom meeting ended, she asked that I research a bit about Sherlock Holmes. I researched about the first book, the series in order, the movies, any family (in which he has an elder brother), adaptations, and how he dies and the author's excuse of how he brings Sherlock Holmes back to life.

Dinner is ready now, so I will write more later. Goodbye for now.